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About us

At LitiPay, a Golden Pear Funding venture, we are committed to the success of our customers and our law firm partners. Simply put, we’re a group of dedicated individuals that are passionate about making people’s lives better. Collectively, no matter which of our diverse backgrounds we come from, all of us share a common belief and goal: to be there, compassionately and as helpful as possible, when our family, coworkers, and clients need us. That’s what LitiPay and Golden Pear Funding are really about and we work hard to continue to be a trusted.

Meet the team

Our people make it possible

Gary Amos

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Amsellem

Chief Financial Officer

Pedro Barcelo

Account Manager

Rita Regan

Sales Assistant Team Manager

Blaire Conner

Reductions Lead

Leticia "Letty" Rivera

Resolution Team Lead

Interested in joining the team?

Golden Pear Funding & LitiPay periodically posts career opportunities for amazing individuals. You can find these listings and application instructions here.